The key asset of the Assets Management Company “Green Capital Partners” is an experienced/educated person. Partnership consists of high qualified professionals’ team having long-term experience in the commercial and investing banks.

Partnership with professional management:

We realize that the main ground of all success, progress are human capital PROFESSIONALS. We understand that the situation created on the market disappointed many experienced managers who had worked diligently on creation of value and successful company, but due to the subjective views of the outdated business holders they failed to create valuable personal-family savings or stocks or premiums/co-ownership of the company.

We offer full realization of your professional capacities. By our assistance you can create valuable compensation/savings or become a business partner! Asset Management Company “Green Capital Partners” convenes successful professionals with managerial qualification, investing/financial experience in commercial-banking, investing-banking, financial and other Black-Caspian Sea economic region for partnership; managers with the strategic-priority industrial experience (financial sector; small energy; communications and technological field; real estate; agriculture; production; retailing; food production and processing; trading; transport; logistics; agriculture and processing; wine/alcoholic and water bottling/export; tourism and etc). We suggest you an opportunity to make maximal realization of yourself. You will have an opportunity to be its co-owner/partner and receive the main part or 80 percent out of gained revenue as a bonus in the project implemented by you. Within our group you will be able to use the whole range of the back-office tools (office, communications, accounting, audit, lawyer, financer, security, driver, IT specialist and etc).

We see that alternative value of a real professional is undervalued as Rembrandt’s picture!

We will appraise your professionalism! Contact us on the number: +99532509999;